Interchangeable Flower Clips. 

Flowers fit over the button and can be removed and replaced with another color of flower!
A set includes: Your choice of three flowers and one button and clip for $8.00. Flowers measure approximately 2-1/4" in diameter.

Shipping is a flat rate of $2.00.
 If you order additional flowers and/or clip with your set, the additional $2.00 fee will be refunded.

Contact: Julia Gunnells,



Current buttons available: 

The Glamour Gem plastic buttons look like Rhinestone. The White Pearl is similar to Mother of Pearl. The Multi-Color is green with pink in the middle. Smilies are glittery. Hearts are glittery.


Use this form for ordering your Interchangeable Set. 
Select a button for your clip and write in the three colors for your flowers.


Color choices for sets
1.  Turquoise with Silver Threads   
2.  Pink   
3.  Red   
4.  Turquoise  
5.  Royal Blue   
6.  Navy Blue  [Image coming soon] 
7.  Golden Yellow  [Image coming soon]
8.  Black with Silver Threads  
9.  Black 
10. Dark Green
11. Mint Green   
12. White   
13. Red with Silver Threads  
14. Purple   
15. Lavender
16. Wood Violet
17. Peach
18. Flamingo Topaz {sparkles!}
19. Lemon Peel

20. Patriot, Red White & Blue

Use these forms for ordering additional button with clip or individual flowers. 

Additional flowers are $1.50 each. Additional button and clip is $3.50

Smilies come in Silver, Pink, Lilac, Green, Turquoise, Yellow, Purple.
Hearts come in Silver, Hot Pink, Purple, Lilac, Emerald Green, Royal Blue

Button Selections

Button Selected
Color of Smilie or Heart

Individual Crocheted Flowers

A variety of colors for flowers are available. If a color is not listed you may request it and I will do my best to get it. Use this list of colors only for ordering additional flowers, NOT the ones that come with your set.

Color Selection 1
Color Selection 2

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